Just because you can say something, it doesn’t mean you should

Oh the Irony. ?Jacinda Ardern scolded Brian Tamaki over his earthquake-gay blaming. ?I’ll spare you that. ? But this is David Seymour’s response to Ms Ardern.

Not so fast, Jacinda. Mr Tamaki has a point [that gays cause eartquakes – WO]. Other than New Zealand, where else do we see earthquakes?

San Francisco. The gayest city in a comparatively religious country, with regular earthquakes. Meanwhile, the American Bible belt is tremor-free.

Then there’s Japan. The kinkiest nation on earth, and also the shakiest. During Japanese earthquakes, citizens have to dodge vending machines selling used women’s underwear.

Look at the Greeks. They invented homosexuality. Olive oil and all that. And what do they get? Earthquakes, volcanoes, economic catastrophe.

What about Britain, where the stiffest thing you’ll find is an upper lip? You guessed it, seismic activity free zone.

Sorry, I couldn’t resist. But do Mr Tamaki’s comments really deserve to be taken seriously?

To the young people out there: you have the right to be who you are, proudly ? and the most effective weapon against people who say otherwise is laughter. Tamaki’s supporters thrive on the idea that the whole world is against him, but laughing at him? Ha!

Maybe I’m getting too old, or I’m in need of a humour transplant. ? But ACT is in the process of trying to present a professional and credible alternative for?National and right of centre voters that want ACT to, ahem, act as a bit of a brake on National’s ever-left swinging path.

I get the humour, but I don’t get the timing, nor the occasion.

What seasoned politician would even bring up dirty undies vending machines and using greek olive oil for greek sex? ?Absolutely no sense of political radar on display there.

David Seymour came out of last year with most commentators, including myself, saying he had done a job above and beyond expectation. ? I still maintain he’s lost an advisor. ?Because last year’s?David hasn’t been seen this year. ?His public performance in the media as well as the house has been cringeworthy at times.

The above is just another ill considered step along the way. ?People inside of ACT are trying very hard to present a professional image. ?It appears the lack of fear of losing his seat due to the stitched up arrangement with National in Epsom has dulled mind.


– Sunday Star Times