We just got rid of a tax & spend mayor, welcome to the new tax & spend mayor

phil goff like len brown zipper up

Phil Goff is spending up large with just five minutes in the job.

He’s promised light rail, and now a living wage for council workers. he needs to fund that somehow, and like all Labour politicians, there is only one way to fund things…with new taxes.

Limiting the annual increase in Auckland rates, raising $30 million from a visitor levy and introducing a fuel tax are among proposals being put forward by mayor Phil Goff.

So, he’s limiting rates so he doesn’t get hammered on that but wants you to all pay more with a fuel tax that would be way more than any rates increase. Hands up those in Auckland who want to pay more for petrol for Phil to spend on the living wage? Anyone? Anyone?

Mr Goff hopes the proposals can become key measures in Auckland Council’s 2017/18 annual budget to be adopted next June.

This included increasing rates for Auckland property owners by 2.5 per cent rather than the planned 3.5 per cent annual increase. ?

He also proposed to further shift the financial burden away from residents by introducing a levy on tourists to replace the ratepayer dollars currently being spent to attract visitors and support major events.

“Ratepayers have shouldered the responsibility for the growth of our city and cannot be expected to continue to do that on their own,” Mr Goff said.

“This proposal shares that responsibility more fairly across all of those who benefit from living and doing business in our city.”

That should work a treat. Watch the cruise ships find other ports to stop at.

Mr Goff also proposed introducing a special rates category for large scale developments in a bid to discourage land banking and generate more income for the council to put towards infrastructure projects.

Other measures included introducing a regional fuel tax to help close the $400 million gap between the funding needed for transport infrastructure and that which is available.

Does he have any proposal that doesn’t involve increased taxes?

Where is a line by line assessment of the expenditure of a wastrel and spendthrift council?

We can blame the National party, Michelle Boag, Jo de Joux ?and Vic Crone for this state of affairs. Useless, the lot of them.


-NZ Newswire