Justin Lester steals from ratepayers so he can look good donating money to arts luvvies


What an arsehole.

How about fixing some pot holes?

Some widower or some poor WWII veteran who can barely pay the rates is now paying so Justin Lester can get kudos for donating their money to arts luvvies.

Justin Lester has donated his $60,000 Wellington mayoral car budget to the arts.

The new mayor has decided to give the cash, provided by Wellington City Council?for the role,?to the?city?arts portfolio budget?to help up-and-coming artists.

The arts budget funds a range of things including community arts and events, music concerts, art exhibitions, plays and cultural festivals.

“I don’t need it,” Lester said of his car allowance.

But the ratepayers could do with some rates relief. What a cock.

“We have said we will be a prudent council and these are savings we can make either by redirecting money to projects that directly benefit Wellingtonians or by forgoing payments that fit within the role of being a councillor.

“We’ll take every decision on spending, and saving, on a case-by-case basis.

“Is this in the best interests of Wellington? If it is, we’ll do it, and if it isn’t we won’t.”

So how is paying ratepayer cash to arts luvvies in the best interests of ratepayers?


– Fairfax