Stressed Kaikoura smokers helped by NZ Vapor

Kaikoura, as we all know, has been cut off from easy access to almost everything since the earthquakes and that includes tobacco for local smokers. Fortunately for them, NZ Vapor was able to help. They don’t stock or sell tobacco but they were able to get the smokers their nicotine fix by sending in 24kg of vaping stock.

NZ Vapor is not allowed to say that they are in public health despite their product helping smokers to quit and even though vaping doesn’t involve all the nasty chemicals inhaled by smokers when they smoke a cigarette. After their latest mercy dash though I think it is safe to say that they are in the business of Public help.

The New Zealand Vaping Community has helicoptered into Kaikoura much needed e-cigarettes and e-liquid supplies for vapers suffering the aftermath of the devastating earthquake and its aftershocks.

…?We all know the stress is a significant trigger for smokers, so to hear that many smokers are now facing out-of-stocks of tobacco products in Kaikoura at a time their lives are in such disarray, made the decision to help them pretty easy,? said Mr Satchell.

One company that supplied product was who said their motivation has always been to help smokers get off tobacco, and it seemed only natural that we find a way to get some e-cigarettes and e-liquids to those in need.

?The last few years has shown me that the New Zealand vaping community is always happy to help other vapers and smokers. This is a great community that I am proud to be a part of, as are the other suppliers who have very generously donated to this initiative,? said Mr Satchell.

The supplies are being flown in by helicopter by the team Te Runga o Ngai Tahu.

New Zealand Vaping Alliance

As you all know both Whaleoil General debate and Whaleoil Backchat are sponsored by NZ Vapor so I am very happy to bring their philanthropy to your attention.Well done NZ Vapor. I can imagine the smiles on many people’s faces when that particular care package arrived.