Key too busy to take Trump’s phone call

Will Artificial Intelligence predict a Trump win correctly?


Prime Minister John Key says he missed a call from United States president-elect Donald Trump in the chaotic aftermath of the Kaikoura earthquake.

The missed call happened on Monday.

“I certainly didn’t see it… it was crazy times,” Mr Key told TVNZ.

His people had been trying to set up a call to congratulate Mr Trump on his election victory and he expected it would be a combination of a return call and making contact over the Kaikoura quake.

Mr Key said he also had calls from other world leaders but had turned down offers of international assistance.

Yeah, Key had his hands full at the time.

Mind you, he was probably hoping Hills would call him so he can ask for the $13m back from the Clinton Foundation. ?Turned out to be a bit of a dud “investment”.


– NZN via Yahoo! News