Key: We?ve got the money, we?ve got the resources, and we?ve got the experience

He kind of has to say it, but it is good to hear. Watching the Labour party ask stupid questions in the house yesterday just confirmed my resolve that they are unfit for office.

The damage caused by Monday’s earthquake will be repaired regardless of the cost, Prime Minister John Key has told parliament.

“The financial cost will be significant but we will bear that,” he said.

“We can rebuild our broken infrastructure, we have been here before and we have overcome those challenges, we will do the same this time.” ?

Mr Key said in his statement to parliament he had seen the damage around Kaikoura for himself, and it was serious.

“Two people have lost their lives, people are living without power and in damaged homes,” he said.

“The rest of New Zealand is standing alongside you to provide whatever support you need.”

The leaders of the other parties in parliament pledged their support and co-operation.

NZ First leader Winston Peters and ACT leader David Seymour called on parliament to pass laws that would impose tough sentences on looters.

I’m not sure John Key can commit to replacing the rail link. That will cost an absolute fortune for a company that hasn’t made a profit in more than a decade. I think it would be far better to get the road open, then look at four laning the road from Picton to Christchurch as a road of national significance and toll trucks and buses.