Our kids are among the least sedentary in the world


So can we just stop all the whining about “screen time” now?

New Zealand children are the second most physically active in the world, according to a report that covered six continents.

The ranking comes from the Active Healthy Kids Global Alliance, which organised report cards for 38 countries.

New Zealand received a grade of B minus for overall physical activity, behind Slovenia, which was rated A minus. Australia was given a D minus.

The University of Auckland worked on the data for the New Zealand report card and one of the lead researchers, Associate Professor Melody Smith, says nine common indicators were used.

The results show that about two-thirds of New Zealand children and youth (62 per cent of females and 72 per cent of males) participated in at least an hour of moderate-to-vigorous intensity physical activity daily.

Most “adults” forget how much time they sat in front of televisions, and they turned out OK. ?And like our parents before us, we get all uptight about our own kids doing the same.

Well, only liberal snowflake raisers do. ? Academics that need reasons to dive into the trough do.

But the rest of us are just fine. ?Clearly.


– NZN via Yahoo! News