Who would know? The Herald certainly doesn’t

Kelvin Davis made much about so-called fight clubs at a Serco-run prison.

So much so they lost their contract.

Now a report has revealed that fight clubs exist at other prisons, run by Corrections…or does it?

The first paragraph states:

A Corrections investigation into “fight clubs” at Mt Eden prison found evidence that similar fighting rings were being run at other prisons.

And the Herald ran this headline:


Then you start reading the article and find:

It did conclude there was a fight club operated at Mt Eden Corrections Facility (MECF) – and also found evidence to support prisoners’ claims that fight clubs were being “similarly operated” at Northern Region Corrections Facility and Rimutaka Prison, both run by Corrections.

So they claim again there was evidence…until you get to paragraphs six and seven:

A Corrections spokeswoman said follow up investigations found no evidence of fight clubs at prisons other than Mt Eden.

“Phase 2 of the Chief Inspector’s report (released in October) looked in to the existence of fight clubs at a number of other prisons across New Zealand,including Northland Region Corrections Facility and Rimutaka Prison, and found there was no evidence of any ‘fight club’ activity.”

In the space of 5 paragraphs the Herald has gone from saying there is evidence to saying there is no evidence. Which is it?

I thought fight club was a Serco problem. ?So are Corrections going to fine themselves if such evidence does exist of fight clubs at other prisons?

We can’t really know however because it appears that Nicholas Jones at the Herald has no idea either. Decent journalist, trained and skilled, eh?


– NZ Herald