L is for Lego L is for Liberal


Lego has stopped advertising with the newspaper the Daily Mail because of a campaign demanding that companies ?’Stop Funding Hate’

Hate in their world view is synonymous with any newspaper that has a conservative bias. One of the headlines from the Daily Mail being used to justify the Hate label is this one.


The Daily Mail front page prompted widespread outrage (Daily Mail)

Being a conservative I see nothing wrong with a headline that points out that these three judges are enemies of the people. After all, they are trying to overrule what the majority of voters in Britain voted for. Liberals apparently have a different world view to conservatives and think that pointing this out is hateful and it is completely okay for three individuals to overturn a majority vote.

Lego apparently agrees with them and has publically announced that they are no longer advertising with the Daily Mail which is an invitation for other companies to pile in and boycott the paper until it is unable to function.This is yet another attack on free speech by the left, aided and abetted by Lego.

If you don’t like the kind of articles a newspaper writes then you don’t have to buy it. If you don’t like what a newspaper writes you don’t have to advertise with them. What concerns me is that a campaign is being waged, targeting any newspaper with a conservative bias and equating conservatism with hate. This is the exact same rhetoric used against Donald Trump and anyone who voted for him. Trump and the majority who voted him president have been demonised by the media and now the right-wing media are being demonised by this left-wing campaign.