Labour continues hating on foreigners with new Wog or Chink Tax


Labour forgets that they apologised to the Chinese community about the Chinese poll tax that New Zealand once had.

Now Labour is wanting to bring back something similar, and tax employers who employ foreign workers.

Labour leader Andrew Little has proposed a tax on employers who rely on workers from overseas instead of training local workers saying it was a way to make sure businesses were “doing their bit”.

The ‘training levy’ would be imposed on businesses in areas of skills shortages, such as chefs, construction, IT and tour guides where migrant workers are used.

However, companies that could prove they were already actively training New Zealanders for such jobs would be exempt. ?

The proposal for a training levy is included in Labour’s ‘Future of Work’ Commission report which is being released at the party’s annual conference in Auckland today.

On The Nation, Little denied it was a measure aimed at deterring businesses from bringing in migrant labour, saying immigration would always be needed.

“It’s about creating opportunities here for people who are here working with business and industry to make sure they are doing their bit.”

Talk about destroying any progress made in appealing to business. All that business people are going to hear is that Labour and Andrew Little don’t think they are doing their bit.

Businesses do more than their bit. They employ people, they pay taxes including GST, FBT and tax on profit. Andrew Little has just insulted them and told them not to vote Labour.

But it is worse than that, after lambasting the right-wing for the politics of division Andrew Little has gone straight into a continuation of their anti-immigrant policies and now wants to stop them being employed by charging a tax on business. Andrew Little wants to encourage Chinese, Indian, Thai, Vietnamese and other restaurants to only hire Kiwis despite their lack of skills.

Talk about dead set retarded. Putting a tax on business at a time when unemployment is at record lows.


-NZ Herald