After Labour goes all in over Pike River the facts emerge

Labour has gone all in over Pike River trying to get a hit on John Key.

Yet again though they haven’t done their homework and after claiming it was safe to go get the charred remains (if any) the facts about the mine have emerged.

In a strongly worded statement released earlier today, Solid Energy hit out at “inaccurate and misleading statements in the media“, saying they were feeding “false hope”.

“It is disingenuous and, frankly, deeply disappointing for commentators who lack the full information base on which this decision was made – and who bear no legal responsibility for the outcomes of the re-entry project – to once again raise hopes regarding re-entry,” the statement said.

The company said its decision was based on an exhaustive investigation into the feasibility of safe re-entry and was backed by the independent expertise of Emeritus Professor Jim Galvin – a professor of mining engineering at the University of New South Wales and an internationally recognised expert in underground coal mining risk management. ?

Professor Galvin advised directors throughout the assessment process and concluded Solid Energy’s risk assessment process was rigorous and their decision was informed by quality information regarding the residual risks, it said.

The decision to permanently seal the mine had prompted the protest, with some of the families staging a sit-in at the road’s entrance.

But Solid Energy said there had been no material improvements in the conditions in the drift since the decision was made to seal the mine in November 2014.

“The reality is that for the entire time since Solid Energy took over Pike Rive Mine in 2012, the drift has been full of nearly pure methane. There is no report that shows that gas levels have reduced.

“There are no recent tests that show the seal is unnecessary. In fact, our continuous monitoring shows that methane remains at around 98 percent and is continually being released into the mine and the drift,” it said.

It went on to say the idea of a temporary seal was not realistic.

“A methane-filled mine, with only a temporary seal, in a difficult to access, geotechnically unstable area is unacceptable. We will continue with our 2014 decision to seal the mine, and once this task is completed, it will be handed over to the Department of Conservation,” it said.

Basically, the mine is a bomb and sending in people, and allowing air to enter the mine would be creating a massive bomb, like the one which killed their workers in the first place.

Andrew Little has decided to politicise this, so it might be a good idea to have a look into his role in all this mess.


-Radio NZ