Labour weasel Michael Wood should hand in his man card

Hand in your man card Michael Wood.

Your missus is involved in politics, she’s not some shrinking violet hiding under a bushel.

Michael Wood is calling on National’s candidate for Mt Roskill Parmjeet Parmar to stop the personal attacks on him and his family and focus on the real issues affecting Mt Roskill.

“At the Central Leader debate, a National Party supporter, who we later learned is Ravinder, Parmjeet Parmar’s husband, made loud derogatory comments about my wife. I’m disappointed that Parmjeet Parmar’s campaign has stooped to such lows. Mt Roskill deserves better.”

“After the debate I confronted Ravinder and robustly told him his language was unacceptable. I will not accept such derogatory comments being shouted about my wife in a public forum. Attacks on any candidate’s family are unacceptable. After words were exchanged I left the scene. There was no pushing or any physical contact by me, and any claims by the Parmar campaign to the contrary are untrue.” ?

“I’m proud of the excellent work our Local Board do. I am proud of my wife’s contribution to our local area – a contribution that resulted in her being the highest polling candidate in Puket?papa last month.”

“Parmjeet Parmar has been running a campaign of personal attacks. It’s time she focused on the serious issues Mt Roskill faces”.

“Mt Roskill residents want a clean and respectful debate that focuses on local issues. That is what I am focused on. We will keep going door to door to talk about Mt Roskill’s increasingly unaffordable housing, our increasingly congested roads and re-building our understaffed local police force. This is what people care about when I talk to them on the door step. This is what I am focussed on”

What a cupcake. Who knew that Generation Snowflake had infested the Labour party?

Perhaps Michael Wood might like to explain why his missus demands council staff babysit their kids at meetings. She’s been involved in local body?politics, union stoushes and other argy-bargy for a long time.

She?doesn’t need her pathetic house husband to speak up for her.

Cry-baby. Michael Wood clearly doesn’t have the right temperament to be an MP.


– Voxy