Labour’s war on media continues

The two idiot brothers of Labour, Andrew Little and Phil Twyford have ramped up their war on the media. They really are blessed with an abundance of stupidity.

They really are blessed with an abundance of stupidity. John Key, rightly, puts the boot in.

Prime Minister John Key says Labour is “in a bit of a meltdown” after its MP Phil Twyford, with backing from Labour leader Andrew Little launched an attack against a 1 News reporter.

Labour’s campaign chairman Twyford has accused 1 News’ Andrea Vance of “unprofessional” and “biased'” reporting around the costing of Labour’s new jobs scheme policy.

Vance had said Labour’s numbers did not add up after Labour admitted the $60 million costing for its proposed six month job scheme was based on the assumption people would take part for an average of four months.

Key said it was not the first time Labour had presented incorrect costings.

“The Labour Party are clearly in a bit of a meltdown. They turn up, yet again, with a policy that is incorrect. I’ve got their policy and it says ‘six months.’ It is not funded that way and they can attack the media all they want as a distraction but the truth is, yet again, they got it wrong.”

Asked how National would cost such a policy he said “if we are funding something for effectively four months, we say it.”

Much and all as I dislike Andrea Vance’s politics and who she associates with I must stand up for her here. She reported the reality, Labour got their sums wrong. Little has now backed up his campaign chair and attacked Vance and 1News.

Little also joined the fray, saying he was satisfied with Labour’s handling of the issue and the policy announcement.

Asked if it was appropriate for Twyford to be attacking journalists on Twitter, he said: “I don’t get to control what Labour MPs do on social media.

“I expect them to exercise a level of responsibility. I’m very thankful that we have MPs who are very passionate about Labour policies and will defend them to the hilt.”

What a fool…next year is going to be fun then, with Sue Moroney and PhilTwyford tweeting up a storm…and they will be able to thumb their nose at Andrew Little who has said he has no control.

He confirmed he had known the $60 million figure was based on four months when he fronted to media after announcing the policy.

Questioned on why he had not disclosed it at the time, he said the media were demanding a level of detail from him that they did not expect from National.

“Some of you demand a level of detail from me that you never, ever demand from a government with thousands of public servants behind it. I stand by the policy, I stand by the numbers.”

Crying a river of tears over that? For goodness sake the media demanded John Key tell them who he texts, how does Little think that there isn’t a similar holding ot account of national compared to him.

Little said Labour’s concerns with 1 News‘ report were “being dealt with formally” but would not confirm if an official complaint had been lodged.

“I’m satisfied with the way that is being dealt with, I’m satisfied at the way we put the announcement together, the feedback and the aftermath of it.”

File the complaint fool, see how you get on with it.

John Gillespie, 1 News head of news and current affairs, said the network “absolutely stands by the journalism and the journalist.”

“We are more than happy for Labour to follow the standard process and submit a formal complaint which will be assessed against relevant Broadcasting Standards.”

Twyford also said the assumptions the party used were reasonable and were explained to Vance personally.

“But she chose not to include that information in the story. When I see journalism that is that unprofessional it has to be called out. There was no error in the numbers.”

Vance’s story had spelled out the cost related to a four-month period rather than six months.

Yeah, going to war with the media and especially a spiteful journalist such as Andrea Vance won’t play out that well for either Little or Twyford.


-NZ Herald