Laver & Wood: Kiwi cricket bat success story in crowdsourced capital raise


My mate James Laver is the best custom cricket bat maker in the world. He is based in the?Hawkes Bay and is doing a capital raising effort at the moment. I know of plenty of top class international cricketers who use his bats, though you’d never know it. James certainly never says who they are.

Waipawa based cricket bat maker Laver & Wood is seeking crowd funding to help expand. James Laver, the chief batmaker, explains how the changing nature of the cricket bat market has created a niche for small premium producers like Laver & Wood.

?Over the last decade or so most cricket bat manufacturing has moved to mass machine production, for sports stores bat racks. At Laver & Wood we make all our bats by hand, for individual batsmen using traditional bat making methods. Our factory would be recognisable to the bat makers of the 1850s, when the current design of bat was invented? says James. ?

?While mass manufacturers make bats with machines we prefer the traditional hand crafted approach which allows for each bat to be customised for the individual batsman. We occupy a niche in the market that exists for discerning batmen who want a very specific bat, and are willing to pay for it? according to James.

Laver & Wood is seeking between $250,000 and $1m using crowd funder Pledgeme?s platform. These funds will be used to fund increased marketing, staff levels, expanding the product range and reduce shipping costs.

?We chose crowd funding because we have a very strong rapport with our customers, and wanted to give them the opportunity to participate in our growth,? says James. ?Our customers are our real competitive advantage, enthusiastically endorsing our bats, and encouraging their mates to buy from us. We see crowdfunding as giving these customers a chance to participate in the upside of our growth?.

Laver & Wood was established in 1999, and sells bats all over the world. We are the most active bat company on Facebook, and have a very strong following of Facebook Friends. ?

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?Contact:?James Laver ?????? 021 752 441