Lindsay Perigo on the US Elections

“It’s morning again in America,” said Ronald Reagan when running for re-election in 1984. The facts and the voters backed him, and he was returned to the presidency in a landslide.

America in 2016 has endured a dark night far longer and blacker than that inflicted by Jimmy Carter, but the reinstatement of morning should be no more difficult for Trump than Reagan given The Donald’s astounding sweep of both Houses of Congress as well as the Electoral College.

What is most gratifying is to tote up all the disgusting things that voters repudiated yesterday, contrary to the pontifications of the usual insufferable suspects in the media. I have been doing it all day and laughing non-stop. The media in fact are foremost among the disgusting repudiated. Their brazen abandonment of any pretence of a distinction between reportage and commentary, their explicit avowal of a duty to root for the inexpressibly corrupt Clinton, their shameless ignoring of her criminality, their comprehensive unprofessionalism?in all of this the mainstream media have written their own epitaph and earned the contempt towards them evinced by voters yesterday. Journalism is dead; long live journalism.

The Media party is stunned. ‘No matter what they do, no matter what they say’…until the Media party decide to report the news instead of being the news the same thing will happen again and again.

Trump’s victory is also a rejection of the cult of milksoppery in the Republican Party. Milquetoasts Mitt and McCain lost, just as surely as one of their kind would have failed this time, where Trump succeeded, boldly staking out controversial positions and standing by them through pathetic wailings from namby-pamby mealy-mouths. One hopes that in the world at large in this age of weasel-words the lesson will be learned: conviction not only matters, it succeeds; cowardice is not only repulsive, it loses.

The tyranny of Political Correctness was set back yesterday (terminally, one hopes). No matter how loudly and relentlessly certain gargoyles of the Social Justice Warrior variety screeched “bigot, sexist, racist, xenophobe, misogynist,” none of it stuck. “The American common man,” Ayn Rand once wrote, “is uncommonly wise.” It would seem, after decades in which it has appeared to be touch and go, the common man has decided he’s not going to be intimidated and neutered by the demented shriekers after all.

The leading repository of PC, academia, took a hit too. One college exempted students from sitting exams because of the trauma occasioned by Trump’s victory, thus exposing itself and its moronnial charges to withering nationwide ridicule that one hopes will be mortal. Enough of the lunatic asylums of micro-aggressions, safe zones, imaginary racism and real hatred of whites for being white, males for being male, etc.

It seems the swamp may be drained of ditzy “celebrities” as well, since so many have announced their intention of leaving the U.S. in the event of a Trump victory. Let’s hope the likes of Miley Cirus and Whoopi Goldberg cart their empty heads off to somewhere appropriate, like North Korea or Iran. (Judge Ruth Bader Ginsburg has threatened to come to New Zealand. Please, no! We have enough career feminazis here already!)

Hijacking the Supreme Court, nurturing the evil that is Islam, dismantling the military, Marxist medicine, Sanctuary Cities for rapists and murderers … all these cornerstones of Obama’s demonic agenda also took a battering from which decent human beings must hope they’ll never recover. (Donald Trump must remember the electorate?did?reject these abominations and not pander to their perpetrators in the name of “unifying.” Good and evil are irreconcilable.)

Civilisation has been given a reprieve. My own projection of the inexorable, irreversible decline of the Land of the Free into “Airhead America,” defined by Jesse Watters’ vox pops, has been shown to be too pessimistic, at least for now. Les Deplorables have struck back. May their blows be lethal. May it soon be morning again in America.

In the meantime, to every swamp-dwelling supporter/enabler of Hillary Clinton, arguably the most evil person ever to run for the White House, I say …


I think it was when Hillary Clinton described all of Donald Trumps supporters as Deplorables that she lost the election. At that moment Trump voters kept their voting intentions quiet, and then resolved themselves to teach her a lesson.