Did Little steal a NZ First policy?

As if things could get any worse for Labour with their work for the dole policy. Their numbers were wonky, Phil Twyford set about attacking the media, and it is reported that Mike Jaspers the new media wrangler for Andrew Little is also adopting the Neale Jones approach of personally attacking journos.

Now NZ First is upset that Labour has nicked their policy.

NZ First says Labour’s new jobs scheme is a rip off of NZ First’s old “Community Wage” scheme which Labour scrapped in 2001.

NZ First’s social development spokesman Darroch Ball said the “Ready for Work” policy outlined by Labour at its annual conference had all the same elements as Community Wage, which NZ First introduced when in coalition with National in 1996.

“The Labour Party scrapped the Community Wage scheme in 2001 – the very same scheme that they now are calling a solution,” said Ball. That scheme was also for long-term unemployed, paid the minimum wage, involved coordinators, and offered community or conservation work.

Ball said Labour’s scheme had serious flaws, such as a lack of training which could lead to full-time work or further education.

“How is a young person’s CV advanced by pulling weeds from a walkway for six months?

“This is an attempt at a feel-good policy which misses the objective of assisting young people in to meaningful full-time employment.

I looked it up, Labour did scrap the community wage and it is interesting what was written about that by Mike O’Brien, in his book?Poverty, Policy and the State: Social Security Reform in New Zealand:


So, in 2001 Labour scoffed at the concept and abolished it, and now it is the solution to all their electoral problems. Do these guys not know how to use Google?

Labour supposedly had a great conference, plenty of young people, plenty of enthusiasm, but as usual the moment they release policy it all falls apart.

Labour likes to talk about post-truth politics. Well, I think we need to use a new term for Labour and Andrew Little…post-competence?politics.


– NZ Herald