Lizzie dear, cut the whining

Lizzie Marvelly is whining yet again about Paul Henry…and Martin Devlin…and men in general:

The past few weeks have been an interesting time to be a woman. Against the backdrop of the asinine masculine embodiment itself, Donald Trump, our local gender politics took centre stage – first with Max Key’s stunning display of intellectual prowess (“real men ride women”), then with Paul Henry’s long and leering treatise on a young women’s “titties”.

Understandably, both remarks left a number of Kiwi women less than pleased. Many of us were moved to speak out in some way against such brazen sexism. The responses we received often proved our point.

I decided out of principle that I wouldn’t appear on the Paul Henry Show on Monday. The retaliatory comments my decision generated revealed what I already well knew: Paul Henry and Max Key are but the tip of the iceberg when it comes to sexism in New Zealand.

What a whinger.


In one notable tweet, Martin Devlin told me that my decision was “grand-standy [sic]” and that I should’ve gone on the show as planned to “talk like adults about it”. In the space of one sentence I was essentially accused of being attention-seeking and childish. Too much. If you can’t beat her, belittle her.

The very same Devlin minimised Key’s outburst as an example of acting like “all young men do”. Key’s homophobic and misogynistic slur, according to Devlin, should simply be dismissed: “Big f-ing deal”.

If one prefers not to be so blatant in one’s belittling, there are a host of other options available.

A personal favourite of mine is the use of pet names – the cherry on top of a slice of patronising pie. There are few things more frustrating than being called, “sweetheart”, “dear” or “hunny [sic]” by a strange man as he seeks to denigrate you, as I was this week.

The pet name is a pat on the head to a woman who needs to be brought down a peg. Too much. If you can’t beat her, belittle her.

Oh hunny, you really need to grow. the. fuck. up. There are no safe spaces in real life and you are now coming across as whiny and insecure.

She goes on and on. David Cohen takes her to task in the NBR:

Ms Marvelly, who has made a bit of a name for herself talking about the end for young locals wishing to buy affordable property (?We need to save the Kiwi dream before it?s too late,? she recently wrote), was to have put in an appearance on Mr Henry?s Monday show.

Understandably, perhaps, she pulled out in the wake of the broadcaster?s comments about women?s breasts ? sensitively, thought-provokingly and repeatedly referred to as ?titties? during the course of his interview.

On her social media account, Ms Marvelly announced it would not be ?appropriate for me to be on the show at this time? ? thereby putting the Howard Stern imitator on notice that he may be waiting for days for a return appearance on his programme.

She would instead remain down island ?celebrating my Dad?s 60th? birthday.?

The Marvellys certainly had better things to be celebrating this past weekend, not least the elapse of a year since the $5.5m sale of their Princes Gate Hotel in Rotorua.

The hotel sold for about $2 million above RV. Separately, the family still owns a reasonable property portfolio, including two apartments at Mt Mangaunui, two in Parnell (one in Lizzie?s name) and a lakefront mansion in Rotorua.

The Princes Gate sale marked the end of what the Rotorua?s Daily Post described as Brett and Vlasta Marvelly?s impressive time transforming the hotel from ?a run-down inn to a four-and-a-half star boutique hotel.? Mr Marvelly told the paper that the hotel had been bought by a New Zealand company.

Government records show that the new owner, Xinxin Trust, was registered in China. The trust is owned by Xinxin Hao, who has been scoping out New Zealand property investments over the past three years.

Whoopsy…whiny and her dad’s a liar.

I can’t wait until she stands for Labour in Rotorua and starts talking about the downtrodden and photos of her mansion and properties start surfacing.

But, I really don’t know why the Herald keeps taking columns from this prissy, stuck up, better than you, whiny, little girl


– NBR, NZ Herald