Looks like Malaysia is off limits for me now

Yesterday I received this email from a Malaysian government organisation:

MyCERT – Cyber999 <[email protected]> 16 November 2016 at 15:31
To: camslater

Dear Sir/Madam,

MyCERT received a report from our complainant regarding a website against Beloved Holy Prophet Muhammad. It has blasphemous porn cartoons against Beloved Holy Prophet Muhammad.

The link is available at:
http://www. whaleoil.co.nz/2015/02/challenge-canterbury-museum/
http://www. whaleoil.co.nz/2016/09/muhammad-is-more-controversial-than-trump/
http://www. whaleoil.co.nz/tag/muhammad/
http://www. whaleoil.co.nz/tag/muhammad/page/2/
http://www. whaleoil.co.nz/2016/06/apparently-maori-special-mohhamed/

The above website was created for possible malicious purposes.

As such, we appreciate your cooperation to investigate on this matter and take immediate action to remove the above URLs.

Your cooperation on the matter is highly appreciated. ?

Kindly retain the above subject header containing [MyCERT-201611161027076] to ensure effective response.

Kind Regards,

CyberSecurity Malaysia
Malaysia Computer Emergency Response Team (MyCERT)
Level 7 [email protected], 7 Jalan Tasik
The Mines Resort City
43300 Seri Kembangan, Selangor

URL: http://mycert.org.my
Email: [email protected]
Cyber999 Hotline: 1-300-88-2999 (business hours)
Fax: +603-89453442
SMS: CYBER999 REPORT and send it to 15888
Handphone: +6019-2665850 (24×7)

This is an outrageous attack on freedom of speech by the Malaysian government against a New Zealand media site. But it is so serious I believe I will never be able to travel to Malaysia for fear of imprisonment if this is how they deal with freedom of speech issues.

I have sent this polite reply to them:

From: Cam Slater
To: MyCERT – Cyber999 <[email protected]>

Thank you for your email.

We live in New Zealand, which is a country that enshrines in law the following principles in the Bill of Rights Act:

13 Freedom of thought, conscience, and religion
Everyone has the right to freedom of thought, conscience, religion, and belief, including the right to adopt and to hold opinions without interference.

14 Freedom of expression
Everyone has the right to freedom of expression, including the freedom to seek, receive, and impart information and opinions of any kind in any form.

Your email is tantamount to a breach of my human rights and smacks of censorship.

Your request for the removal of any of the content is refused as the request itself is against my human rights as set down within New Zealand law.

I also consider your attack to be an attack against my personal beliefs as a New Zealand Christian.

What I really wanted to say is:


This sort of intolerance and bullying by the so-called ‘Religion of Peace’ must be resisted. I will resist it, strongly.

Creeping Islamopandering must stop.