The only man who predicted Trump’s win

The Washington Post outlines the winners and losers of the recent election.

One of the winners is Allan Lichtman.

There are very few people who can say, unimpeachably, that they called this election. Lichtman, a distinguished professor of history at American University, is one of them.?Lichtman first came to our attention in May when he told The Fix’s Peter Stevenson that his model ? based on a set of 13 true/false statements ? predicted a Trump victory. It was a model that had successfully predicted the winner of the presidential race in every election since 1984. We went back to Lichtman in October ? amid dire poll numbers for Trump everywhere ? to see whether he wanted to hedge his bet. He didn’t. He doubled down, insisting that he trusted in the model. And, holy hell, he was right.

He was filmed back in October about his predictions.

Astonishing,?his?record of prediction makes Nate Silver’s 2008 and 20012 prediction streak look a bit lame now.


– Washington Post