Mandatory viewing for bewildered media that think Clinton should have won

In perhaps the most stunning political story in American history, the folks rejected corruption and unfair federal policies and delivered vast power to a maverick political novice who is promising to treat working Americans with respect.

There is no question that the Democratic machine waged an arrogant campaign that justified Hillary Clinton’s incredible record of ethical deficiencies.

While many politicians distort and mislead, Mrs. Clinton seems incapable of speaking the truth.

Her exploitation of a massive charitable foundation for her own benefit is simply stunning.

Even more troubling, she sincerely believes that she did nothing wrong or has ever done anything wrong.

Americans, even some who voted for her, noticed the narcissism.

Thus, they denied her power.

Here’s what Talking Points said last Wednesday when I explained why Clinton might lose:

O’REILLY, Nov. 3: ??There should be grave concern in the Clinton camp. ?The reason the secretary may lose is that the tipping point may have been reached. ?If you are familiar with Malcolm Gladwell’s theory, bad things mount up and then suddenly at a dramatic moment, everything comes crashing down.?

That?s exactly what happened. ?The American people have had enough of Hillary Clinton.

On the policy front, important statements were made yesterday.

First, working folks are tired of supplementing millions of people who are gaming the system.

Enough with a chaotic, federally-imposed healthcare system that punishes productive people with high insurance fees so that other Americans can access free healthcare.

Safety nets are vital for the suffering poor, but a vast income-redistribution scheme that is clearly unconstitutional is abusive.

President-elect Trump has vowed to replace Obamacare and that can’t come fast enough.

Also, there is no question that a weak federal government has allowed immigration into America to become a national scandal.

Hillary Clinton has no interest in fixing any of that, shamelessly pandering to the Hispanic community in order to harvest votes.

The fact that Mexican cartels are harming this nation by smuggling narcotics and undocumented people in here does not seem to faze Clinton or her party in the least.

The fact that Democrats will not even vote for Kate’s Law, which would protect Americans from dangerous illegal alien felons, is insane.

The voters noticed.

On the workplace front, workers cannot increase their earning power if business is strangled by onerous taxation and regulation.

It is abundantly clear that liberal America believes corporate America is the enemy and must be punished.

Hillary Clinton bought into that, intimidated by radical Senators Sanders and Warren.

Unless, of course, she herself is handed corporate money … that’s fine.

Voters noticed.

But the real enemy — Islamic terrorists — were not to be unilaterally confronted by the USA no matter how many innocent people they slaughtered.

No, the Obama-Clinton doctrine was to wait for international consensus before taking action and never offend by using the words ?Islamic terrorism.?

Voters noticed.

Then there was the shocking admission by Hillary Clinton that, despite being a Christian, she believes unborn babies have no rights whatsoever and can be killed up until birth if the mother’s health is in question.

That extreme position goes directly against homicide laws in this country and unmasked Clinton as a radical extremist in the eyes of Americans who value life over destructive ideology.

I could go on about Hillary Clinton, but enough.

I hope she takes some time off, then comes back and reforms her charity in order to do some good in the world.

Now on to Donald Trump.

He may not realize it but the vicious, dishonest national media actually helped him with the voters.

Again, the masks came off during the campaign. ?Take a look at this reaction during the Trump victory:

VAN JONES, CNN:?We’ve talked about everything but race tonight. ?We’ve talked about income, we’ve talked about class, we’ve talked about region, we haven’t talked about race. ?This was a whitelash. ?This was a whitelash against a changing country, it was a whitelash against a black president, in part. And that’s the part where the pain comes.?


MARTHA RADDATZ, ABC NEWS:?Let’s remember what the Trump supporters are voting for – he asked for a ban on Muslims, build a wall, he offended Mexicans, the disabled, lashed out at a Gold Star family. ?The military fighting in Mosul – he said they shouldn’t tell people what’s happening, the Access Hollywood tape.?


COKIE ROBERTS, ABC NEWS:?There probably is a strong sentiment about not having a woman president. ?And that is something that, we’ve never had, a woman president, and we’ve talked about the excitement among women to have a woman president, but there’s always in these situations at least equal amounts of hostility to that kind of change.?

That’s just bull. ?Mrs. Clinton’s loss had nothing to do with her gender.

For the record, I came on at 8:15 last night and said this:

O’REILLY, last night: ?Well, Trump is competing?pretty well, I think, across?the board. ((EDIT)) But, I think that at this point it will be foolish to?make any kind of broad assessment of what the vote is going to turn out to be.? It doesn’t look like there’s?going to be any shocking?upsets or shocking vote?tallies anywhere. It’s a slug-out right now.?

We are proud of our campaign coverage; it was accurate and tough-minded.

On Monday, I told you that Republicans would hold the Senate, which they did.

Much of the credit for The Factor’s perceptive campaign reporting goes to my staff.

I’ll deal with that later in the broadcast.

Apart from us, the collapse of an objective press angered many Americans who still believe in fair play.

That’s why the polling failed. ?Many voters simply said blank you and refused to participate when asked their opinion.

Investor?s Business Daily was the best poll and you might consider adding that publication to your life.

Distrust of the media is at an all-time high in America.? So when left-wing zealots masquerading as journalists pounded Trump without mercy, voters grew numb to it.

Some of that even happened on this network as a few commentators tried to make names for themselves at Trump’s expense.

Same thing with some anti-Hillary analysts.

There is a difference between tough, fact-based political interviews and playing to those in the politically correct fanatical bleachers.

Is there not?

So the press actually helped Trump win.

How ironic.

Finally, a personal note.

Very tough race for me to cover.

I?ve known President-elect Trump for a long time.

But I had to challenge him and I did.

One columnist at The Washington Post, Callum Borchers, noticed, and I am grateful for his honesty in a sea of media deceit.

As for Hillary Clinton, we gave her fair play even though her campaign lied to us.

Shocking, right? ?But we maintained our professional posture.

Props should also go to the Fox News election folks who made CNN and some of the other networks look foolish.

FNC was far ahead on calling states and giving solid information.

In the end, voters had their say.

Memo to Donald Trump: It wasn’t rigged.

The really funny thing is this too will fall on deaf ears.

Local media and the Labour Party were told many times where they went wrong during the last election. ?And even though they have now seen Brexit and Trump, I doubt few will wise up enough to realise they are actually causing the very opposite of what they are trying to achieve.

Observers will have noticed a total shift in Whaleoil’s approach over the last 4-5 years. ?I, we, stopped shouting at people. ?Stopped harassing them on Twitter and social media. ? I was confusing being active with being effective.

In the end, people have to test their approach by asking “did that get me where I wanted to go?”

And if not, what sort of person or organisation are you when you just try a little more of it and expect a different result?