Marginally the less ghastly, but not because she’s a woman

Karl du Fresne has the most dispassionate view yet

Many of Clinton?s supporters seemed to think she deserved to win the contest just because it would make her the first woman president. Sorry, but that?s hardly justification for putting her in the White House.

There will be other female candidates, ideally with fewer skeletons in their closets.

Having said that, I probably would have held my nose and voted for Clinton if I were an American citizen, simply because she seemed marginally the less ghastly of the two options.

But now we?re stuck with President Trump, and the most we can hope for is that somehow, the American polity will find a way of turning him into someone worthy of the most powerful office in the world.

It will be a challenge, but don?t rule it out.

Actually, with expectations basically in the?Mariana Trench, Trump can only?succeed. ?He is clearly not going to squander this opportunity. ?His biggest challenge is to get past the deer in the headlights phase and find his feet. ?

People are capable of rising to the occasion, after all. It?s the reverse of the Peter Principle, which states that people rise to their level of incompetence.

Already, a more moderate, conciliatory Trump has emerged. He felt magnanimous enough in victory to speak kindly of Clinton, although one suspects it would have been a very different story had he lost.

President Obama, similarly, changed gear overnight from attack dog to statesman, extending an olive branch to Trump and offering to do whatever he could to ensure a seamless handover of power.

Perhaps both men understood that the presidency, and the need to maintain stability for the benefit of their fellow Americans, was bigger than either of them.

Perhaps too, as has been suggested, Trump deliberately presented himself as an unreconstructed bogan on the campaign trail just to exploit voter resentment against the political elites, and that he always meant to tone things down if he won. We shall see.

Voters didn’t want more of the same. ?But they don’t know what they’re going to get instead.

Let’s hope Trump can figure it out and communicate it clearly.


Karl du Fresne