Media Attacks Brian Tamaki, Protects Shaykh Anwar Sahib *UPDATED

UPDATE: Since this article and other articles were published the subject of our article Shaykh Anwar Sahib has published the following press release?where he denies that what he said in the video below was hate speech and he also complains that our article did not provide links to his videos in full so that people can decide for themselves whether his statements were taken out of context. I highly recommend that our readers do view his videos in full. You can view them here on the?Masjid at-Taqwa?mosque Youtube channel.

Destiny Church Bishop, Brian Tamaki, has once again been making headlines. Sure he is a dickhead, but the media gives his mutterings far too much prominence.

At the same time they ignore other hate speech.

In one of his sermons before the most recent earthquake, he was preaching that homosexuality causes the Earth to tremor. This sort of rhetoric is commonplace amongst fundamentalist Christians, who oppose same-sex relationships amongst other practices, and it is good and right to challenge their?archaic beliefs. It is divisive and prehistoric in thinking. New Zealand doesn’t need to be dragged into the 18th century or further back by some madman reading from a book.

But, while the media were making headlines about a Christian preacher’s views on homosexuals, there has been not a word about Muslim preachers’ views on women or Jews or homosexuals. And it’s not for lack of evidence – most recently, we have exposed links between Sonny Bill Williams and an imam who has said gays are worse than animals. That may have been a hate preacher from overseas but there are Muslim clerics in New Zealand who are also preaching hate.

We have previously reported on Shaykh Anwar Sahib, in relation to the Islamic State supporters in New Zealand. The Salafist preacher is treasurer of the FIANZ Ulama Council and has most recently said that Jews want to take over the world. He has also said that Jews are the enemy of Muslims, Women shouldn’t dare leave the house without permission, that you are not a Muslim if you believe it’s OK to be a Christian or a Jew, and that Jews are the worst people on Earth.

We have edited some of his more controversial comments together in the video above – you tell us why the mainstream media is so vocal about Bishop Tamaki yet silent on Shaykh Sahib.

This sort of stuff is being preached in New Zealand mosques, it is far more vile than any stupid thing that Brian Tamaki has ever said. Yet the media remain silent.

I repeat, this is happening in New Zealand, take note, because our society is under threat from hate preachers such as?Shaykh Anwar Sahib.