Media Party pushing Gareth’s ego trip party

Gareth Morgan’s brand new political Opportunities Party is yet to release a policy, but has around 1000 members already.

The left-wing party received the amount of financial members needed to register the party in less than 24 hours after its launch.

Chief of staff Geoff Simmons says it’s a good sign and it shows people are clearly into what they’ve been talking about.

“We really want to keep building as much support as we can before March, when we’ll make the call whether or not to contest the election.

“Over the next few months we’ll be releasing policies and seeing how the public reacts.”

The Opportunities Party has been launched in a bid to push away from establishment and career politicians.

Mr Simmons says they’re surprised and humbled by the support.

“It’s a great start for us. Clearly there is an appetite out there for doing politics a little bit differently, and moving outside the establishment, career politician-type system.

“We’re glad to have tapped into that.”

The party will be releasing its first policy in December and is keen for members to keep signing up.

So far, the “party” is a logo, a web site and a man answering questions. ?It has no policy, no list, no registration and no constitution.?

It is hard to avoid the impression this is just a single man with money attracting the usual “supporters”. ?There will be a handful of true believers, and the remainder will just treat it the same way as the Conservative party and ?Internet Mana party voters.

In other words, once the money runs out, and when its iconic cult-like leader eventually accumulates a sufficient amount of hits to decide the fun has gone out of it, it will all come to tears.

Labour must?love Gareth right now. ?Launching a day before its own centennial party conference and sucking a lot of oxygen from the room.

Still. ?Thanks to the media, a guy with money and a web site got further than most.

Ask the Seniors party (who?). ?They are essentially in the same boat. ?A web site and nothing else. ?Oh, ?they don’t have a rich idiot to ridicule. ?That seems to be a critical ingredient.


– Newhub