Mediaworks plugs a loophole

Heather du Plessis-Allan has got the arse card from Mediaworks after running off her mouth to competitor NZME.

This was one loophole that wasn’t going to save her.

Story host Heather du Plessis-Allan has been ordered off air by MediaWorks after a controversial interview.

It is understood an email was sent to MediaWorks staff by news chief?Hal Crawford stating that there were “inaccuracies” in du Plessis-Allan’s interview.

Did she lie?

In the interview with NZME on Sunday, Heather said she hadn’t told her co-host Garner that she was quitting TV, and claimed the pair knew in July Story would be axed.

Crawford told staff in the email that du Plessis-Allan did not know the show was ending, and the decision to discontinue Story was only taken recently.

“I can confirm Heather is leaving MediaWorks. I am not requiring that she work out her notice period and therefore she will not appear on air for the remainder of Story or her Radio Live show,” he wrote.?

It is understood that as well as not presenting Story, she will not host her slot on Radio Live on Sundays through to the end of the year.

Story?was axed earlier in November, with the company announcing it would air its final episode in December.

Du Plessis-Allan said in the interview?she was finding it difficult to juggle two jobs and commute to Wellington every fortnight.

“I was working six?days a week, which is really seven. If a radio interview fell over on Saturday you’d have to find something else ? so your brain just doesn’t turn itself off,

She also said she hadn’t yet told her co-host Duncan Garner that she was quitting TV.

“I better give him a call,” she said.


Story?was hosted by Duncan Garner and Amanda Gillies on Monday.

A MediaWorks spokesperson said Heather was leaving the company, and was not required to work out her notice.

Du Plessis-Allan has been approached for comment.

Indiscreet from beginning to end. She was busted being interviewed for her role at Mediaworks by her boss at TVNZ. So probably no going back there.

Now it appears she has opened her prodigious gob and not been entirely truthful, kind of like her bought a gun through a loophole story.

No surprises she has been given the arsecard.

About all she has left is the possibility of another seat in the Radio NZ liferaft.


– Fairfax