Why did MFat contribute to Clinton’s pay for play scam?

Why did MFat contribute to Clinton’s pay for play scam charity?

Perhaps Murray McCully can answer that?

NBR reports:

Lobby group the Taxpayers? Union is calling on the Minister of Foreign Affairs to explain Mfat?s multimillion dollar donations to a charity with links to defeated presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

A recent NBR investigation shed light on the New Zealand government’s funding of the Clinton Foundation?s flagship project, the Clinton Health Access Initiative (CHAI.)

CHAI, which accounts for almost two-thirds of the Clinton Foundation?s annual income and expense, released a list of all its donors from the past six years earlier this year, along with how much had been donated.

Mfat was near the top of that list, having donated $7.7 million since 2013. ?

In September, NBR revealed Mfat had an original budget of $13.7 million to distribute to CHAI. At the time, a spokesman said it has ?no intention to further review our support for the CHAI,? meaning the remaining $6 million will be donated over the coming years.

The money, which is donated through the New Zealand Aid programme, has been used to provide funding and technical assistance for the agriculture-strengthening component of a project in Rwanda and Ethiopia, as well as working with local farmers to aid in the development of factories to produce food.

Taxpayers? Union executive director Jordan Williams says after the controversy surrounding the Saudi sheep farm deal, ?Foreign Affairs Minister Murray McCully needs to be upfront about the donation.

?Given the lessons of the Saudi sheep saga, the last thing Mfat should be doing is handing out aid money for diplomatic purposes.

?That money should be used for programmes which are the most effective at helping the world?s poor ? not sidetracked into political objectives.?

Mr Williams says unless Mfat is able?to provide a detailed explanation why taxpayers? money is being donated to CHIA, people might think it was being used for political influence.

?Whether that is what people think is happening or if it is the reality, [Mfat] should be avoiding that perception.?

Donald Trump, along with other Republicans, had claimed that wealthy donors may be expecting favourable treatment from the US government in return for donating to the Clinton Foundation.

Remember all the luvvies salivating over the visit of Hillary Clinton a few years back?

Well, it looks like she was here picking up some more cash for her pay for play business model charity.

But seriously, what is it with Murray McCully and funding of private interests, first a private sheep deal and now the Clinton Foundation.