More good news

The economic indicators are just all having a party

Kiwi exporters are confident and expect orders to increase in the next 12 months, despite the uncertainties in the UK and US and the magnitude 7.8 quake at home.

Overall 2016 has been a good year, with 52 per cent of exporters achieving an increase in international orders, according to the The 2016 ExportNZ DHL Export Barometer.

When asked about expectations for the coming year, 63 per cent expect international orders to increase.

The survey was taken after Brexit and before Donald Trump won the US presidential election.

It was also taken before the quake disrupted transport in the upper South island and lower North island.

ExportNZ executive director Catherine Beard said both the presidential contenders were anti-trade.

Also exports were resilient after the earthquakes in Christchurch in 2010 and 2011 so the optimism detected in the survey should survive.

“This is a positive signal in an increasingly uncertain global market. While the survey was conducted before the US election result was known, the chance of TPP getting across the line was looking weak whichever candidate won.

This is the sort of up-beat can-do attitude that you don’t see from Labour and the Greens. ?If you follow their press releases, you’d hardly recognise our own country from them.

Sure, we got a hurty knee from the quakes, but we’re back in the game.



– NZN via Yahoo! News