MPs get pay rise 400%+ higher than inflation. Scum List MPs on $160,000

I know they don’t get to set their own pay rises…but seriously?

MPs have been given their annual pay rise, 2.49 per cent backdated to July 1.

Prime Minister John Key’s salary has increased to $459,730 and his deputy Bill English’s to $326,697.

Cabinet ministers now earn $288,900 and ministers outside cabinet, $243,841.

Leader of the Opposition Andrew Little now gets $288,900, the same as a cabinet minister. ?

Backbench MPs are now earning $160,024.

The salary determination was released by the independent Remuneration Authority on Tuesday.

It calculates MPs’ pay rises on the quarterly employment survey and public service salary increases.

In Andrew Little’s speech, he says “no more money to dodgy Charter Schools” – despite the 8 schools doing very good things for children and families and showing significant competency.

His pay has just gone up to $288,900.00 pa and he is neither doing any good or showing and level of competency. Andrew Little is the very definition of post-competence politics.

?- NZNewswire