American Muslim spin on President Trump


The spin that has been put on President Trump is getting ridiculous. He says one thing and it is spun as something completely different. Many commentators are acting like spoiled brats complaining?about the rules imposed on them by their parents. Dad says, ” lights out by 9 pm ” and the kid responds…..

“You are a dictator, not a Dad.”

“You are stopping me from playing online with my friends because you don’t want me to have friends”

“You hate me and are jealous of the fact that I don’t need as much sleep as you”

Here are some statements from a Muslim commentator that illustrate my point:

In electing Trump, America has broken its sacred promise to us.

Oh my God! America made a sacred promise to Muslims? Is this in the constitution?

Thou shalt not elect a President who wants to stop immigration from Muslim-majority countries with a history of Islamic terrorist infiltration of the West until vetting procedures are dramatically improved.

Trump was a buffoon, a cartoon, a caricature of a caricature. He was the embodiment of all that was ugly in America?from the excessive makeup to the narcissism to his persecution complex.

A persecution complex? Seriously? How ironic that a Muslim writer who spends the rest of the article wailing that he and all other Muslims in America are victims and a persecuted minority should accuse Trump of having a persecution complex.

Trump had proposed to ban our families and to monitor our friends. He had likened us to terrorists because of the color of our skin and the faith in our hearts.

In attacking Khizr Khan, he had attacked our uncles and our fathers. In mocking Ghazala Khan, he had mocked our mothers. In cheapening the sacrifice of Captain Humayun Khan, who was slain on the streets of Iraq defending this country, he had cheapened the sacrifices of our Muslim brothers and sisters serving in uniform.

A temporary halt until Muslims from dangerous war-torn countries can be properly vetted is not a ban on families and has nothing to do with skin colour. Since Islamic terrorism is Islamic of course faith has to be put under the microscope. ?Why would any truly patriotic American not want to do everything possible to prevent Islamic terrorists entering America? If Muslim Americans left those countries to escape violence and bloodshed why would they be against their new home doing everything in its power to prevent it from entering their new country?

Khizr Khan politicised the death of his son in order to help the Democrats hurt Trump politically and his wife stood side by side with him in front of the cameras while he did it. If you don’t want to get burnt stay out of the kitchen.Khizr Khan chose to take the battle to Trump and to involve the name of his dead son in the political battle. He cannot complain just because Trump fought back. Trump did not bring Captain Humayun Khan into the political debate, his father Khizr Khan did and his wife Ghazala Khan supported him.

But when the election was called, all we could do was watch in silence as the narrative of our lives shattered before our eyes. We felt in the deepest chambers of our being that America had betrayed us, had repudiated who we were. In a matter of minutes, the shining city on the hill became an armed citadel determined to oppose our existence.


What an outstanding example of hyperbole mixed with the imagery of a fairy tale.

I’m not buying it.