Nailed it, Danyl finally works it all out

In angst-ridden post, Danyl McLauchlan of Dimpost finally gets what the problems with the left are:

I?ve felt that there?s been ?something? wrong with the left for a long time now: that beneath all the sanctimony and self-righteousness and sneering and eye-rolling contempt lies a moral and intellectual vacuum; and that none of our dazzlingly brilliant, super-erudite, super confident intellectuals really know what the fuck they?re talking about. I feel this very acutely again today. When I?m reading analysis of Trump?s victory ? of which there will be endless screeds ? I?m going to be interested in takes by people who are humbled in defeat, and are questioning their assumptions.

The left-wing won the election for Donald Trump and also John Key. Their nastiness, vitriol, willingness to commit crimes to get elected has all backfired.

The Media party too, liberal to the core, have cost Hillary Clinton with their shameless partisanship and downright dishonesty. They ignored evidence, they swept Clinton’s faults under the carpet and blithely insulted voters by labelling them dumb, obnoxious, deplorable and many other epithets.


I think the big assumption they got wrong is that the masses share their gay world view.

The voters handed all of them their arses on a plate.

Will they learn? Unfortunately, not bloody likely.

Mainstream media credibility has been destroyed. It will never recover.

Alt-media is rising, we are coming for the MSM like it or not.


– Dimpost