National is getting pretty good at announcing housing

It might be nice if they could arrange for some houses to actually get built sometime soon.

Meanwhile, they are inoculating the housing crisis with cash:

An extra $300m will go towards providing emergency housing over the next five years, the Government has announced.

The money will fund 1400 places around the country, 600 in Auckland and the remaining 800 in high demand areas around the country.

The $303.6m package, over this financial year and the next four, is made up of: ??

  • $120m in capital funding to build, buy or lease properties suitable for emergency housing. $100 million of this will be as a loan to Housing New Zealand.
  • $71m in rental subsidies.
  • $102m for providers to support, stabilise and help tenants into longer-term housing.
  • $10.4m for more dedicated frontline MSD staff to work with people who need emergency housing or are on the social housing register.
  • The extra emergency housing places will be delivered in ‘a number of ways’, including using vacant Crown land, Minister for Social Housing Paula Bennett says.
  • “Housing New Zealand is building more than 40 homes in Otahuhu, Auckland, on land it has leased from the Ministry of Education. The development will be ready by early 2017,” Ms Bennett says.

“We’ll also use vacant Crown-owned properties where they are available, purchase accommodation facilities and lease properties as needed in areas of high demand.”

The money for service providers will be to help them manage emergency housing tenancies and assisting households in the first three months of their tenancy.

The investment in the Ministry of Social Development will provide for additional staff to work with those on the social housing register and provide case management for those in emergency housing, including support to marae and community organisations providing services.

Once again National has nicked a Labour policy, thereby signalling to voters that there is no point in changing governments.


– Newshub