National does more of what it is good at: announcing things

100 more Auckland social “houses” have been… announced?by National. ? That solves the original shortage as well as staves of the continuous slide backwards. ? The 100 “houses” will be available in 2018… 2019. ? (insert Tui ad here)

The government will tear down 20 social housing units in Auckland to make way for 120 new apartments and terrace houses.

An agreement has been signed with Housing New Zealand and developers Ngai Tai ki Tamaki and Gemscott Resources, Housing Minister Nick Smith revealed in Auckland on Wednesday.

The development includes land bought from the New Zealand Transport Agency’s Waterview project in March and will incorporate adjacent HNZ land where units have reached the end of their life.

“It will be 100 per cent social housing that Housing New Zealand will be doing in the first instance,” Dr Smith said of the project, jointly co-ordinated with Social Housing Minister Paula Bennett.

The site is a Special Housing Area allowing for fast-tracked development, meaning construction is expected to begin early next year. The first units would be available in 2018 and all will be completed in 2019.

Dr Smith acknowledged there would be challenges for HNZ in relocating tenants from the existing 20 units, but said he received a “healthy earbashing” about the state of the units by those living in them on his last visit.

“The comment that I got from the tenant was that they couldn’t come down fast enough,” Dr Smith said.

Look, it’s clearly a good move to mow down twenty houses to replace them with 120. ?That’s not a bad decision in and of itself.

But the continuous ‘announcing’ of ‘solutions’ that are not going to be practically available for years is starting to wear thin. ?And on top of that, 100 is nice, but it still doesn’t solve the backlog that is currently in the tens of thousands, and by 2018 won’t have improved for the 100 to make any difference then either.

Still. ?Great job announcing things Nick. ?Attaboy.


– NZN via Yahoo! News