A natural experiment in hate and responses to it

The recent events concerning Bishop Brian Tamaki and Shaykh Dr Mohammad Anwar Sahib have provided a natural experiment in hate, and the response to it. Both religious leaders had videos exposed of them preaching objectionable material. Below is a side-by-side comparison of the speeches and responses. What conclusions do you draw?

What was said?

Bishop Tamaki said that homosexuals were sinners and suggested that their sin causes earthquakes like the one New Zealand recently experienced.

Shaykh Anwar said that Jews were the enemy of Muslims and women should not leave the house without their husbands’ permission.

What does that mean?

Christians need to forgive or try and ?save? sinners.

Muslims must fight against their enemies.

Women do not have free will under Sharia law.

What is their history?

Bishop Tamaki has long been outspoken about homosexuals, just like the Westboro Baptist Church in the USA and many other fundamentalist Christian groups.

Shaykh Anwar has been preaching antisemitism and misogyny for many years, just like Islamist fundamentalists who incite terror attacks against Jews and Westerners.

Which officials responded publicly?

Human Rights Commission

National Party:

  • John Key

  • Chris Finlayson

  • Steven Joyce

Act Party:

  • David Seymour

Labour Party:

  • Jacinda Ardern

  • Grant Robertson

  • David Clark

Green Party:

  • Denise Roche

Human Rights Commission

National Party:

  • Sam Lotu-Iiga

Act Party:

  • David Seymour

NZ First Party

  • Winston Peters

What was the media/public reaction?

  • Swift, widespread reporting of the issue.

  • Petition started with more than 100k signatures to remove charitable status of Destiny Church.

  • Donations to Rainbow Youth

  • Numerous MSM newspaper editorials and opinion pieces

  • Numerous blog posts

  • Numerous blog posts.

  • Swift, widespread reporting of the issue.