So who in New Zealand stood up to condemn intolerance and hate?


Credit where credit is due. We do have in New Zealand groups willing to stand up and be counted and they deserve recognition. Below are the political parties and groups who responded to our article and video of Shaykh Dr Mohammad Anwar Sahib.

The Human Rights Commission says an Auckland man?s speeches condemning Jewish people are appalling and have no place in New Zealand…

?This kind of intolerance is not welcome here in any form: Prejudice against Jewish people has no place in New Zealand.?

…We have asked for an urgent response from FIANZ.?

The Human Rights Commission

The Administration Council of the Islamic Women?s Council would like to respond to the video containing clips of speeches posted online by Dr Mohammad Anwar Sahib.

Firstly, regarding the comments directed towards Jewish people, these are totally inappropriate and we unequivocally condemn any divisive comments of a similar nature.

… We regularly extend our hand in friendship to the Jewish community in New Zealand, and will continue to do so.

IWCNZ is particularly sensitive to the views represented by the comments towards women. The approach shown is a religious misinterpretation, in our opinion, and we are disappointed that certain religious leaders may encourage this damaging rhetoric.

-Islamic Women’s Council of New Zealand

The Federation of Islamic Associations of New Zealand (FIANZ) condemns and rejects any form of anti-Semitic and hate speech. In addition, FIANZ will not tolerate any derogatory comments and speeches made against Women.

FIANZ wishes to advise that Dr Anwar Sahib has been permanently stood down from his position as the Secretary of FIANZ Ulama Board (Religious Advisory Board) effective immediately.

FIANZ reassures all New Zealanders that we vehemently oppose all teachings promoting intolerance, prejudice and discrimination against the followers of any faith including Jewish.


ACT and NZ First have joined the government in condemning anti-Semitic speeches and online posts by an Auckland Muslim cleric.

Ethnic Communities Minister Sam Lotu-Iiga said on Monday he was disgusted by the views of Shaykh Dr Mohammad Anwar Sahib.

“There’s no place in New Zealand for such intolerance, and hate speech is prohibited under the Human Rights Act,” he said.

…Dr Sahib is the secretary of the Federation of Islamic Associations of New Zealand, and Mr Seymour says he should be removed from the position.

NZ First leader Winston Peters says …”We are not talking of an outlier here because Dr Sahib is president of the Federation of Islamic Scholars of New Zealand.

“Kiwis reject extremist Islam and any attempt to make us into a South Pacific Middle East.”

-Act Party New Zealand First?and The National Party

Representatives of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community in New Zealand have said they strongly condemn any anti-Semitic hate speech. Any Muslim cleric who expresses hate-filled views about other faiths or their followers must be condemned.

?…The Ahmadiyya Muslim community strongly holds to the belief that Islam advocates ?Love for all, hatred for none? which is considered to be their well-known motto.

The founder of the community, in line with the true understanding of the core Islamic teachings has said “I say to you that you must show love and compassion to all of God?s creation no matter who it is – whether he is a Hindu, a Muslim or anyone else.” He also said “I Never like it when people try to limit their sympathy and love to their own people?I admonish you again and again to never ever limit the scope of your compassion.”

Speaking on hateful anti-Semitic speeches the National President of the NZ branch said “Thankfully, the large majority of Muslims in New Zealand do not hold such intolerant or hateful views.” He said the message of Islam, which literally means ?peace? is of “love, affection and unity.”

The Ahmadiyya Muslim Community regularly host and partake in interfaith peace conferences and dialogues to foster stronger relationships with members of other faiths. Their most recent peace conference was held in September where leaders representing the Hindu, Sikh, Christian, Buddhist, Jewish and Islamic faith came together and highlighted how religion can play a positive role in promoting peaceful coexistence and increasing cohesion in the society.

-Ahmadiyya Muslim Community

-Council of Ex-Muslims of New Zealand

The Wellington Abrahamic Council of Jews, Christians and Muslims has totally rejected the intolerant anti-Semitic speeches of Auckland cleric Dr Mohammad Anwar Sahib. Such pronouncements are irresponsible, insensitive and hurtful to Jewish people.

-The Wellington Abrahamic Council of Jews, Christians and Muslims

The International Muslim Association of New Zealand rejects anti semitic and misogynist teachings…
?As tolerant and peaceful New Zealanders we reject anti-Semitic and misogynist teachings and speeches. These kinds of views do not reflect us and they do not represent us, they dismay us,? said Tahir Nawaz.

The International Muslim Association of New Zealand

The following political parties and groups had nothing to say. I am particularly disappointed by the so- called feminists. Being told that women must ask permission from their husband to leave the house should have fired them all up but not a peep!

  1. The Green Party
  2. The Labour Party
  3. The Maori Party
  4. United Future

1.The National Council of Women of New Zealand

2. Women’s Studies Association New Zealand

3. Auckland Women’s centre

4. The Hand Mirror ( group of feminist blogs in New Zealand )

5 . Every single Christian organisation in New Zealand had nothing to say.

Now a reminder of some of the things he said that the above parties and groups have failed to condemn:

he repeatedly uses appalling anti-Semitic slanders and libels and denigrates women. In one sermon, he calmly calls Jews ?the enemy of Muslims? and claims that ?Jews are using everybody because their protocol is to rule the entire world?.

…Like his views on Jews, Dr Sahib also shares views on women?s rights that are out of step with New Zealand values. In one sermon, he proclaims that ?No woman can dare step out of her house without the permission of her husband?.

.. he led prayers at an Australian conference, which had?invited other like-minded speakers who spread anti-Semitic hatred such as ?Read history and you will understand that the Jews of yesterday are the evil fathers of the Jews of today, who are evil offspring, infidels? the scum of the human race whom Allah cursed and turned into apes and pigs? These are the Jews, an ongoing continuum of deceit, obstinacy, licentiousness, evil, and corruption??.

The New Zealand Jewish Council has expressed concern about the video to Shalom.Kiwi. Co-president, Stephen Goodman said ?That a senior member of FIANZ, an organisation we have worked with over many years, is openly and repeatedly preaching such sentiments is deeply concerning. There is no place for this sort of hate-based rhetoric in New Zealand civil society.?