Not the first time Hayden Munro busted working for taxpayer while campaigning for Labour

Earlier today we wrote about a Labour staffer from Andrew Little’s office working on the Justin Lester campaign and now resigning and going to work for Justin Lester.

That was Hayden Munro and an earlier email leaks suggested that the Leader’s Office was working actively on the campaign using taxpayer funding to do it.

But it seems Hayden Munro has form in this regard.

Back in 2013, he was busted campaigning in the Christchurch East by-election. At the time Labour explained it away as a payroll error.

An administrative error is being blamed for taxpayer money being wrongfully used to pay a Labour Party staff member while he worked on last month’s Christchurch East by-election campaign.

The Parliamentary Service, the employer of staff who work for MPs, paid Labour Party staffer Hayden Munro while he spent four weeks working on the by-election campaign. ?

Money allocated to the Parliamentary Service by Parliament is for the provision of administrative and support services to MPs, and Parliamentary Service employees are not allowed to undertake campaign work in an election or by-election.

A Labour spokeswoman said the payment was due to an “administrative error” and had since been repaid.

Munro used to work for Lianne Dalziel, who held the Christchurch East seat before successfully running for the Christchurch mayoralty this year.

He was passionate about Labour retaining the Christchurch East electorate, the spokeswoman said.

“For that reason, Hayden sought and was granted leave without pay for four weeks for the period of the by-election campaign,” she said.

“Parliamentary Service overpaid Hayden, who immediately notified them of the administrative error. Hayden has since repaid that overpayment.”

I wonder what they will say about his campaigning heavily for Justin Lester then?

These “administrative errors” seem to occur quite frequently inside the Labour leader’s office.

Or we can use Occam’s Razor,?that?when you have two competing theories that make exactly the same predictions, the simpler one is the better. In other words, Labour are lying cheating, thieving scumbags using taxpayer money to help in by-elections and local body elections.

Lucky for them an earthquake hit New Zealand, he will now escape any real scrutiny along with Andrew Little.