Not just Labour MPs upset at death of Castro, Greens pile in too

Steffan Browning put this on Facebook:

I’m saddened by the death of Fidel Castro. He represented so significantly the battle against the worst of the forces of capitalist greed and the tyranny of oppression by the USA industrial military complex. Cuba has problems but its achievements and humanitarian reach have been significant too, especially considering the blockades and measures against it. I was disappointed by this Stuff announcement that has so much about those celebrating Fidel’s passing, when millions will be mourning.

Do these MPs not know their history about how truly evil Fidel Castro was?

He and other people wailing away wearing their Che Guevara t-shirts talk about humanitarian issues but ignore the vast amounts of evidence of the awful human rights abuses perpetrated by Fidel Castro and his government.

Cuba participated in many wars including the debilitating Angola war and the war in Afghanistan when they supported the Soviet Union.

Arts, Lifestyle and travel blogger,?David Farrar, explains further:

Castro imprisoned gays, killed political opponents, tortured prisoners, censored the Internet, banned trade unions, made strikes illegal etc etc. But because he was an enemey of the US, Browning thinks he was a great guy.

I look forward to reading how sad he is when Mugabe dies.

Browning is attracting huge negative feedback on his Facebook page for his tears of sadness at the death of an authoritarian dictator.

Do you really want people who think Fidel Castro was a “legend” and a hero running your government?

I certainly don’t.


– Facebook, Kiwiblog