NZ delegation to WHO conference votes to exclude media scrutiny

Rebel Media reports:

This is a video you won’t see anywhere else: A look at what really happens behind the closed doors of a globalist conference run by unelected, unaccountable busy-bodies.

At COP7 in Delhi today, the World Health Organization passed a motion to restrict all journalists from the remainder of the public meeting on tobacco control. Seriously.

And, what’s most shocking: With over 180 nations attending, not a single country objected to media being thrown out — not a single one — including Canada. ??

Canada is a country where freedom of the press is sacrosanct, but, for some reason, that freedom fell to the wayside as soon as our taxpayer funded representatives found themselves in a room run by their supranational overlords.

Now, decisions that affect billions of people worldwide, including millions of Canadians, will be reached by delegations made up of unelected nanny statists without a single journalist inside those walls to provide transparency for everyday taxpayers.

I asked members of the Canadian delegation why they remains silent on a decidedly undemocratic motion.

Their answers will shock you.

You have to see it to believe it.

The vote was unanimous from all participating countries including New Zealand. So who are the NZ representatives who are anti-democratic and want to meet behind closed doors without any media scrutiny?


So, our own?civil servants are voting against media scrutiny for their activities. The fact that WHO is a United Nations body and that they represent our government and by way to their jobs all New Zealanders seems to have escaped them.

Why did the NZ delegation vote to exclude media scrutiny from a public body such as WHO? Why are Jane Chambers, Brendon Baker and Matthew Allen so keen not to have media scrutiny.

Would it be because Matthew Allen as principal of Allen +Clark has received millions of dollars in funding from his former employer, the Ministry of Health.

This is a disgrace and one the Ministry of Health and the Minister of Health should be answering for.


– Rebel Media