NZME admits their business model is failing

Adhub is a business unit of NZME. They run ads across their network and are utterly ineffective from personal experience.

Back in 2014 they approached me to do my ads. They, like everyone in the industry promised me the earth. I certainly had the traffic that advertisers would want.

After 6 months however, I had to give them the flick. They paid me much less than Google ads ever have.

It turned out however that the lack of bookings was politically motivated and they had sneakily removed me from their pitch documents and website, at the same time adding The Standard, The Daily blog and Scoop Media. They tried to explain it away blaming the agencies for the lack of bookings.

So colour me surprised when I received this email via the tipline begging for confidentiality while they try and save the business. Given their lack of honesty towards me in the past, I can’t really see myself honouring their request: ?

From: Garry Jordan @ Adhub



I trust all is well with you.

NZME is undertaking a review to consider the future of Adhub. Programmatic has presented some real challenges for the business which has meant some publishers can no longer rely on the existing model to deliver revenue.

One of the outcomes could be that Adhub no longer represents your sites in the NZ market. If you have a moment it would be good to discuss any possible implications before any decisions are made.

I would appreciate if you could keep this confidential until we have had a chance to speak with all publishers and make a decision.




Their business model NEVER delivered revenue. It is as obvious as the nose on your face that their business model is doomed. Most of “their” site are nothing but click bait fake news sites.

I would expect significant job losses from these turkeys and their business tanks.