Who on earth would want to work with Rachel Smalley?

Rachel Smalley called NZ women "heifers" and "lardos"

Rachel Smalley called NZ women “heifers” and “lardos”

I’ve always known that Rachel Smalley was a weasel. Apart from her terrorist hugging ways?and the fact that she is dead set stupid she is also a snitch, it would appear.

Broadcaster Rachel Smalley has revealed colleague Mike Hosking sometimes vacuums?the Newstalk ZB?studio while she is on-air.

She’s the latest of Hosking’s ZB colleagues to take issue with his neat-freak habits, after afternoon hosts Kerre McIvor and Mark Dye got worked up over him leaving his vacuum cleaner in the studio.

Smalley hosts Bayley’s Early Edition, a Newstalk ZB show that runs before Hosking’s popular breakfast show. Speaking to McIvor and Dye on the phone on Thursday afternoon, she rattled off an impressive list of gripes in a rant to?rival one of Hosking’s famous “Mike’s Minutes”.

“Where do I even start?” Smalley said. “Who gets up at that hour of the morning to start and doesn’t drink coffee? He doesn’t. He has this small little teacup and he goes and gets a little slice of lemon and puts it in some warm water, not too hot. Then he has a little Tupperware?container with a variety of?five different types of nuts. ?

“That’s bad enough, and you can barely talk to him because he just can’t speak at that hour of the morning, does his work, that’s fine. I go into the studio in the morning, potter around, I don’t have the cast of thousands supporting me like he does, in the program. So Laura, the efficient German producer, and I get about our business and do our show.

“He often comes in, I’m not kidding, when I’m on air, and gets the vacuum and plugs it in and starts the vacuuming. While I am on air, I’m not kidding. The man is an a-hole. And he will say, ‘Look at this pigsty’. I can’t see anything wrong with it. If there’s a pen that’s left on the desk, he will come and hold it up like someone’s had leprosy and left a limb behind, I’m not kidding.”

“The other thing that happens is apparently you guys put paper in the rubbish bin, and so does Larry [Williams], and [Hosking] comes in and holds it up like it’s full of chicken carcasses, and goes, ‘Who did this, who did this?'”

Smalley joined McIvor and Dye in the “elsewhere camp”, a band of radio hosts who want Hosking to keep his vacuum cleaner somewhere other than the studio.

What a bitch. That is gobsmacking treachery towards a work colleague.

On top of being a bitch she is also gob-smackingly stupid, once complaining that NASA named a space exploration craft after the material used in bullet-proof vests when she confused the scientist Johannes Kepler with the material kevlar. Then of course there was her simpering apology for calling fat chicks lardos and heifers.

She constantly annoys her fellow workers by intoning how she is the only serious journalist in the place, blithely unaware that the reason the previous sponsor ditched the show was because of the long, very long list of people complaining to the company about her twisted left-wing views.

She always feels she is the biggest brain in there but when she worked on a current affairs show would burst into tears at the drop of the hat if she was required to lift a pencil or a keyboard to do some research or pre-work…preferring instead to have everything handed to her on a platter.

If Rachel Smalley wants to hurl around insults about her co-workers then she should know there is plenty to hurl around about her….and Jane Hastings is no longer there to protect her.


– Fairfax