One thing Key won?t compromise on: National remains a meritocracy

Jackie Blue was a useless National MP, prone to tears and wetter than the ocean.?Her latest daft idea is to demand a quota of 50% women for John Key’s next cabinet.

Prime Minister John Key has dismissed a call to make his next cabinet at least half women, saying he’d be “stupid” to commit to a quota.

Equal Employment Opportunities Commissioner Jackie Blue has called on Mr Key to follow in the steps of Canadian PM Justin Trudeau, who last year appointed a half-female cabinet.

But asked whether he would promise to make his next cabinet 50 per cent women, Mr Key rejected the idea, saying he wanted ministers to be appointed on merit. ?

“I think it would be stupid to do that,” he told TV3’s The Nation.

“I think if you went to our female ministers, of which we’ve got a tremendous group of talent … there’s just a bunch of very talented women in there – they’re there because they’re immensely talented. Yes, it’s great that they’re women, and I think there should be balance,” he said.

The government’s current cabinet of 20 ministers includes seven women, along with three female ministers outside of cabinet.

If you start on quotas for women the next thing there will be calls for quotas on poofs, fritter lickers, chinks, wogs, coconuts, Maori, sexually confused, retards, cripples, wops,?Christians, Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists, and so on…quotas ?are the last refuge of the useless.

The only thing John Key missed was a chance to sledge out Andrew Little, Labour and the Greens, by challenging them to campaign on such a promise.


– NZ Newswire