Why one woman voted for Trump instead of Hillary

Hillary and her supporters assumed that the women’s vote belonged to her because she had a vagina which is a very sexist assumption. They assumed that American women would want the glass ceiling broken so badly that they would vote for a woman no matter what the content of her character was.They assumed that all women were pro-abortion and that they didn’t care about things like national security or national debt .They thought that American women would believe that the only way to protect the LGBT community and to take care of the black community and minorities was to vote democrat.

…I?m sick and tired of it. I?m sick and tired of these uninformed jackholes telling me that I?m racist, sexist, Islamophobic and homophobic.?They have no basis for those claims. They?re consumed by their emotions. ?Do they?honestly believe Hillary Clinton lost solely because she?s a woman? It?couldn?t?possibly have anything with her being a pathological liar who?s spent her entire life pursuing political power? It had nothing?to do with the fact that America?s?not satisfied with her vision for America? an America with open borders, higher taxes and?more bureaucratic scumbags in D.C. telling us?how to run our lives?

We?re not racist. We?re not sexist. We want people to come into this country legally. That?s not racist.?Progressive leadership in the big, urban cities hasn?t pulled the black community out of poverty. It?s worsened it. Liberalism has failed them. We acknowledge that. We want them to prosper. That?s not racist.?And as for being sexist? All issues are women?s issues. I have no idea why liberals continue to separate them. Do they really believe we only care about vaginas, boobs and killing our offspring? Liberals assumed we (women) would vote for Hillary based on those reasons alone. THAT?S sexist, if you ask me. Women care about the economy. We care about national security. We care about the?almost $20 trillion national debt. We care about the erosion of our freedoms. We care about the future of the Supreme Court. The list goes on and on and on.

I also saw some posts on how Trump?s victory signifies that America?hates the LGBT community. NEWSFLASH: We elected a man who wants to keep dangerous anti-LGBT ideologues OUT OF OUR COUNTRY. Those people who want to throw them off rooftops? We don?t want them here. We want to?protect the LGBT community. The fact that we stand for traditional family values and don?t want men in the women?s bathroom doesn?t take anything away from that. Not for one second.

…We?re freaking SICK AND TIRED of the political establishment crapping all over the Constitution and treading on our liberty. We?re sick of them refusing to uphold the rule of law. We?re sick of being told that this is as good as it gets. We want economic freedom. We want to keep more of our hard-earned money. We want healthcare premiums that AREN?T AS MUCH AS OUR MORTGAGES. We want people to enter our country?LEGALLY. We believe in peace through strength. ?Faith. Freedom. Family.

…This was about individual liberty. We reject government?force and coercion. Votes. Favors. Political power. That?s the cycle of every progressive politician. We?re done. We?re sick of it.?

Another part of Ronald Reagan?s 1964 speech, ?A Time For Choosing,? comes to mind.

?Public servants say, always with the best of intentions, ?What greater service we could render if only we had a little more money and a little more power.? But the truth is that outside of its legitimate function, government does nothing as well or as economically as the private sector.?

?Yet any time you and I question the schemes of the do-gooders, we?re denounced as being opposed to their humanitarian goals. It seems impossible to legitimately debate their solutions with the assumption that all of us share the desire to help the less fortunate. They tell us we?re always ?against,? never ?for? anything.?

But we are. We?re for economic prosperity. Individual responsibility. Fiscal responsibility. Less government. More freedom. We?re sick of the liberal do-gooders shoving their BS agenda down our throats and calling us bigots when we reject their horrid ideas. We?re sick of them scoffing at the principles of liberty.

Donald Trump is America?s middle finger to the media, Hollywood elites, progressive ideologues and everyone else in the world who hates our guts.

I?m drinking the tears of our political enemies in a mug today?and loving every minute of it. We defeated them. We?have one more chance to prove that our ideas work. We?re right. We always have been.