Phil Goff is a tin-eared effwit

You really have to wonder about the social skills of a wanker like Phil Goff.

During a live chat on Wednesday, Phil Goff said Auckland?shouldn’t take a back seat on Government spending despite Kaikoura’s 7.8 quake which has caused devastating damage including closing?State Highway 1.

When a live chat viewer asked about Kaikoura taking funding?priority, Goff conceded that would likely be “partly right” – the Government would have “less money to play with” funding infrastructure.

But Goff cited?figures to argue Auckland’s case, saying the city loses up to $3 billion per year in lost productivity from underdeveloped transport infrastructure.

“That’s more in congestion in one year than the entire Kaikoura [earthquake] cost. Can we afford to say ‘no, we’re looking at somewhere else now ignoring Auckland?'”

So, let’s get this straight.

This tin-eared?fuckwit thinks some filthy hippies in Auckland who want a train set take priority over the whole of the South Island which has just lost the main trunk line and SH 1 not to mention their livelihoods and probably their homes.

What planet is this cock on?

To cap it off he gloated about his role in buying some helicopters.

Goff, a former defence minister, also expressed admiration for the New Zealand Defence Force’s efforts aiding and evacuating Kaikoura while taking some credit.

“Thank you for the work you’re doing with those wonderful NH90 helicopters I bought as minister that are evacuating people from Kaikoura and for the?multi role vessel Canterbury which I hope is in the process of getting large numbers of people out”.

Someone?in his office should take him aside and slap him. In the face. With a chair.

Any goodwill he had as the new Mayor is gone.


– Fairfax