Plot to Bomb Amsterdam Synagogue, Latest Evidence of Unsafe Environment for Jews

It has been revealed?that there was a plot to blow up a synagogue in Amsterdam.

A plot to bomb an Amsterdam synagogue, planned by a Muslim terrorist cell based in the Netherlands ? revealed on Thursday in leaked intelligence documents obtained by the Dutch daily?De Telegraaf ??is simply the latest?evidence of the ?very unsafe environment for Jews in the country,? a political activist told The Algemeiner.

Awi Cohen, a board member of Likud Netherlands ? the Dutch arm of the Israeli Prime Minister?s party, with the self-described mission?of speaking out for Jewish rights internationally ? was responding to the Dutch Criminal Intelligence Agency (TFI) dossier, which describes a ?James Bond-like plan? to attack a Jewish house of worship and?a bank, discovered?when a regular visitor to the Arrayan Mosque in northern Amsterdam was identified as?a member of the?group devising the strikes. ?

The man ? referred to in the report as?a ?Moroccan? with a ?great knowledge of Islam? ? is one of a number of individuals associated with?the mosque whom the TFI suspects of?involvement in Islamist radicalization and jihad-related activities.

According to De Telegraaf, the?TFI documents also revealed that Aziz Oilkadis, chairman of the board at?the Arrayan Mosque, is being?followed?by intelligence officers?and has his phone wiretapped?due to concerns that he is in?contact with ?many radical figures.? A second mosque leader is suspected of being a member of?the Holfstad Terror Network, whose founder, Mohammed Bouyeri, is currently serving a life sentence for the 2004 murder of Theo Van Gogh, a?Dutch filmmaker who produced ?Submission,??a documentary about?the abuse?of women in Islam.

In response to the report, Oilkadis told the Dutch?NL Times,??Do I know jihadists? We know so many people, that means nothing.?

So, as you can see this is shocking.

But, not surprising.

It is the same as we have witnessed this past week. The Imams covering up. We have Muslim radicals at At-Taqwa.

Look we already have Muslim radicals preaching at At-Taqwa mosque. A single video has been explored, despite them taking down all the videos copies that were available. If they are prepared to say those things in public what are saying in private?

Who is ensuring that this doesn’t happen here?


– Algemeiner