Poor little Nicky is upset


Nicky Hager really is a little weasel. He’s now whinged to the Department of Internal Affairs over the data release of phone records between me and Jason Ede.

He seems to be making a big fuss over the minutes of each call.

I received this email earlier today:

From: Katrina Taylor @ DIA
To: Cam SlaterRE: Information being released to Nicky Hager

Dear Mr Slater,

Mr Hager has contacted the Department and pointed out that we did not include in the information we sent to him the time of the calls and text messages, which was one of the details he had requested.

Time data was actually prepared for release to Mr Hager however an oversight on our part meant that it was not included in the information that was sent to him, or in the data sent to you.

Please find attached an updated table with the time data included.

I apologise for this oversight. The Department will be providing an updated appendix to Mr Hager next week.

Kind regards,


The poor wee snowflake. I released all the times in my blog post. He could have?got them from there.

I can’t wait for his exclusive and then all the Dirty Media, who are in Nicky’s pocket, to run stories from him, without calling me for comment, about how long I spent on the phone to Jason Ede.

For the record:

Let?s look at the data. Over eight months there are 57 texts and 49 phone calls. That is an average of seven text messages a month and six phone calls a month. The average duration of phone calls is just six minutes and ten seconds. Hardly the massive conspiracy that Hager made out it was in his book based on illegally obtained emails, messages and chats.

Like David Farrar,?I get dozens of phone calls on any given day. Frankly, a phone call from Jason Ede was usually annoying and a request to delete something I said on the blog, or whining about calling Steven Joyce Steve Joyce or some other such inanity. Those requests were always met with a refusal.

The longer calls were probably begging me not to run something. Still, Nicky Hager will make mountains out of molehills.

Now he wants to know the time of the calls. You can see for yourself below. Most of them were after work hours. That will be another little spike in his woeful little story.

I can’t wait for Labour to finally make it to government. I am going to OIA them every quarter for text messages between parties?I choose to name.

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