The Press Gallery is broken


Yet three hours?later ?


So the press have one person on point at parliament to feed them the latest. ?And being very close to the information source, no less than 3 hours later, she is still feeding out-of-date information down the line.

Sure, it’s not an important issue, and she was busy, and… ?you know what? ?That’s is?exactly why we need people that can do better. ? Because repeated slip-ups like these erodes confidence in “official” media reports. ?How can we trust anything else coming through her? ?She may be busy on other days too.

For what it is worth, and however much I hate to say it, Radio New Zealand did the best job yesterday. ?Of course that’s closely related to the fact they have so many more taxpayer funded feet on the ground compared to commercial competitors who can’t afford to do it.

But if anything, Pete showed that you don’t have to have huge resources to plug into quality information flow. ?And it doesn’t take a journalism degree to get your information from the source.