Any progress Labour made with business is now gone

Plenty of young people plus impressionable media attended Labour’s conference at the weekend.

Only those who drank their full allocation of Kool-Aid think it went well.

Out in the real world the tone deafness and stupidity?of Labour is being exposed.

NBR reports on what business thinks of Labour’s new policies:

New Zealand?s main business lobby group is slamming Labour?s plans to tax employers that hire offshore to fill skilled positions, calling it ?illogical.?

BusinessNZ chief executive Kirk Hope says businesses should be given an incentive to hire Kiwi staff, not a tax. ?

At Labour?s annual conference over the weekend, leader Andrew Little unveiled the policy as part?of the party?s Future of Work Commission.

If elected to government next year, Labour would put a levy on employers looking offshore to fill positions?but denies it is a tax on immigrants.

Mr Hope tells NBR Radio this would not solve the problem of not having enough skilled employees in New Zealand ? it would actually exacerbate it.

?It misses the mark regarding the problem, so it?s not going to provide a solution,? he says.

?If [businesses] can?t get [skilled staff], they can?t train them. Taxing employers for not training employees they can?t get is a bit of an illogical policy.?

Pretty damning stuff. Plus it gets worse:

Asked if there should be a levy on employers that hire skilled staff from offshore, rather than upskill their own workers, some 73% of NBR poll participants disagreed.

Just 27% agree with Mr Little?s plan.

I reckon Labour would struggle to get 25% in an election.

In the real world, people are wondering just how much ecstasy?was in the Kool-aid at the conference.