Proof Robbo is a dropkick


We jsut worked it out on the back of a beer coaster – TVNZ

Grant Robertson has never worked in the real world or held down a private sector job or even employed someone directly.

Yet, he thinks he?has all the solutions for business and employers.

One solution is to tax the bejesus out of them if they aren’t “training” someone who is a Kiwi. Every small business out there is now afraid of Labour. Take my small business, for instance, I employ one person. I am not training anyone else. Do I get taxed?

There are many more questions, and after such a big annoucement,?after two years work, you’d think labour has answers. They do not.

Labour’s finance spokesman Grant Robertson has denied a proposed ‘training levy’ was a crackdown on the use of migrant labour or would disadvantage businesses for using migrant workers.

The proposal was included in Labour’s ‘The Future of Work’ programme as a solution to train the local New Zealand workforce and aimed at industries which relied on migrant workers because of skills shortages.

However, Robertson denied the levy was aimed at penalising the use of migrant workers instead of New Zealanders.

“We are levying businesses that are not doing their bit to train up a New Zealand work force. Immigration, skilled workers will always be part of the mix but we’ve got to do a better job of training New Zealanders.”

He said businesses would not have to pay the levy if they provided training to any workers – whether they were migrants or New Zealanders.

So, it appears every single business will have to provide training to avoid paying taxes forced on them by the dopey Grant Robertson. Or do we?

Robertson said companies which did not train new staff themselves were “freeloading” off other businesses.

“Most the business organisations we talk to already commit to training and, actually, they are quite pissed off with those other businesses who coat-tail off them.”

Oh get fucked. So, I’m freeloading now? Every small business is freeloading off of other businesses who are training? Nice way to destroy business confidence in a Labour-led government.

But, here is the real kicker.

Labour had not yet decided whether to adopt it as formal policy or worked out details such as which industries would be charged the levy, what forms of training would be exempt, or how much the levy would be. It would work with business and unions on the details.

So, no policy, not even worked out how to implement it, no idea who to charge it to, or even how much Robbo’s Tax will be.

The policy as announced is nothing more than a bumper sticker slogan dressed up for Halloween as a nightmare for business.

Labour always does this.

Detail? You want detail? Oh…we will form a working group and let others come up with that, especially the unions.

As usual, they are too lazy, too stupid and?utterly pointless.


-NZ Herald