Questions for Labour

Roy Morgan? Our polls are way better

Colmar Brunton? Our polls are way better

The recent polls show National on 50% and Labour on 28%, yet the left-wing?are saying because NZ First and the Greens together reach National the centre-left is ahead.

This makes the assumption that Winston Peters is centre-left, and will work with the Greens and Labour to bring down National.

If this is the case then it would be worth having Andrew Little prove it with some sensible answers to the following questions:?

1. When did you last have a formal meeting with Winston Peters to discuss the future?

2. When did you last have beer or a meal with Winston to discuss post-election deals?

3. Why are you confident that Winston will do a deal with you to make you Prime Minister?

Simple enough questions, but there is bugger all chance of Little being able to give a simple and direct answer to any of them.

If Andrew Little can’t or won’t answer those questions then we know where we all stand…or fall in the case of Andrew Little.