A reader writes to Fairfax

A reader copied me on this email to Fairfax:

Good Evening Mr Crewdson

Please note?

The majority of the public are getting extremely annoyed with your website www.stuff.co.nz for the fact it is left-wing, biased, and preaches hate against right-wing, normal views.

One example is that it has never contained any positive articles about Donald Trump, who got in as President-elect with a large majority while your website and hundreds of other left wing MSM attempted and failed in manipulating the public about the election. I am not necessarily a supporter of Donald Trump, and consider myself with central political views, but I am genuinely appalled at the low quality and bias of your website. ?

I have recently started reading Whale Oil, which I believe is an excellent news website that displays true kiwi opinion on things that matter. It is honest, centrist and anti-PC, which sadly are factors of Stuff that do not exist?

I expect many New Zealanders think like this too, as shown in comments on opinion pieces on your website. If the problems are not sorted soon, Stuff will end up a minor website that is read only by a very small, narrow-minded left-wing, minority.

I would be interested in your reply,

Kind Regards,

[Name withheld by request]

I appreciate the sentiment. I only wish I could do more. I have plans in that regard and will advise readers accordingly once testing is complete and I am ready to launch.


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