Scumbags sabotage Kaikoura EQ recovery equipment

It seems that Kaikoura also has its share of ferals

Two diggers working to clear roads into Kaikoura have been damaged in a suspected “sabotage attack”.

“It’s clear we have a lowlife in our district at the moment,” Kaikoura fire chief Ian Walker said.

“We’ve had two diggers that have been tampered with, hydraulic fittings had been removed, destroyed and thrown away and their diesel tanks had been drained.”

Both incidents happened at night, while the diggers were parked up unattended.

“Kaikoura is a very busy place at the moment, and to sabotage two diggers from two different companies seems absolutely pointless.

“The whole community is pulling together and working as a team, so when you get this, it’s just not on.”

A number of locals suggested a rival contracting company was responsible for the damage, disgruntled they had missed out on road repair work.

“I can’t say whether that’s the case or not, but it’s got to be somebody who is aware of how [the diggers] operate,” Walker said.

“There’s got to be enough work for everyone because of the disaster that’s happened here.”

He said the diggers had since been repaired, with spare parts flown in to the isolated town.

I wouldn’t have taken it to the media. ?Instead, I’d have installed camoed motion-triggered IR cameras and waited for the idiots to return a third time.

They better hope the police get to them first. ?I’d hate to think what community justice would look like at this stage.


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