If you see someone wearing a safety pin then give them the Nelson Muntz treatment

You may see people wearing safety pins out and about tomorrow…if you do these cupcakes of Generation Snowflake need the Nelson Muntz treatment.

Americans on social media and elsewhere have responded to?Donald Trump?s election by donning safety pins outside their clothing.

The idea stems from a similar protest following the June U.K. vote to leave the European Union, known as Brexit. In the aftermath, Britons began wearing the safety pins in a show of solidarity with any of their Muslim or immigrant countrymen?who felt powerless or ?unsafe? in the wake of the vote.

Likewise, in the wake of Trump?s elections, many U.S. liberals have adopted the idea for their own to reach out to minorities and women who feel marginalized and indicate that they are ?safe? to talk to.

Oh FFS! Get a life you pansies.


Safety pins are for nappies, which is very appropriate.


I’m pretty sure Trump supporters will hijack this wearing safety pins themselves…like this: